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Jhe Anne . 15 . SENIOR HI9H . Shepherdine . Giaccardine . Naive . Sweet . Frabjous . Exuberant . Music addict . Photoholic . Fashonista . Pink&Purple Lover .

She's not contented , She have many many more dreams to reach . She's Single & she's not available . She's HAPPY & She's living her life in it's fullest .

Photography is my 1st Babylove ! ;DD


BONJOUR! I'm back after a year. I'm not able to update this every day/week because of my heavy schedules in school. I'll just try to make post as much as possible .

Well, Thnx for droppin' by earthling! But make sure not to mess up anything outta here . Oraaayt? Thanky0u :)

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26 February, 2010

Buon giorno ! Here Iam, blogging for the 3rd time this year . It's been almost 1 month since I posted my previous blog entry . So, my February days are really awesome&fantastic ! Eventhough I was completely STRESSED, it was all worth it . There are lots & lots of PROJECTS & REPORTS in every subject . But thank God because I Physically, Emotionally, Mentally & Spiritually survived all of those . But 3 weeks from now, it's an Examination week again . OMGee! HELP ! T.T

The best-est happenings this February:

* Feb 2-10 ---> Free days ! Just practices for the foundation days ...
* Feb 11-13 ---> JGSS' 45TH FOUNDATION days ...
* Feb 14 --- > Whole-day date with the whole family ...
* Feb 20 ---> My tita & his hubby arrived safely from London ...

Between new thingy things :

1.) new cellular phone [ Nokia 6233]
2.) new bags [ UniCoBen & Next ]
3.) new pretty blouses [ BUTTERFLY ]
4.) headbands [ pink,white,yellow & yellowgreen ]

---- > my

He's one of the main casts of GMA 7's newest early p
rime-time drama "FIRST TIME" . It started airing last 8th of February . From the very beginning , it already drives me crazy . I really love it to bits ! Not only because Joshua is there but also because of the story every episode . It's very sad to say that I already missed one of those episodes [ last Feb. 19 ] . But I'll really try my very best not to miss another one again ... ( LUCAS INFANTE )

---- > The Season 2

I'm done watching the First Season last SemBreak 09' . I just want another past-time doing so I borrowed to my bestie, Alyanna Riezel Tan Zafe a CD of Gossip Girl's Full Season 2 . I reminded her a thousand times to bring it but I guess she always forgot to . Ohh Aya ! =]

I'm hoping that you can read this so you will be able to bring it, after 10 decades . I can't wait to watch this season . And after this, I will now go to my other target dramas . I don't wanna watch the Season 3 anymore coz' there's so many feedbacks that the story in this one is not so good at all not like in previous seasons . (^-^)

March is coming to town ...
I can almost feel the SUMMER BREEZE ! =p

Much ,

3:28:00 AM

19 January, 2010

BONJOUR ! Oraaayt ! It's me, updating for the second time this year . Anyway, I'm happy with all the things that are happening to me this past weeks & days . Here's why . :)

First, before 2009 ended . He sent a group message greeting Happy New year to everyone . But of course, I also greeted him back. I said "Happy New Year" . He replied "Happy New Year too." Then beside it, he's thanking me for being part of his year . Then I became confused . Why did he said thanks to me for being part of his life even though we're not really close at all . I can't understand it that time . But I'm not giving any malice with that happening . Well, i'm also thankful that he became part of my life .
But it's already part of my PAST . Past is Past & Present is Present . Right ? Of course the past can be part of our present but in other kind of way . Btw, I'm explaining this because i'm HAPPY coz' we're already friends . The truth ; I'm not inlove with him anymore but he always have a very special place inside my heart . That's all with this topic .

Second, my grades this third quarter . Last Jan. 16 th was our Distribution of Cards . Yeeey ! I'm really very proud with myself because of my grades . I'm expecting that I will have low grades because I didn't take the quarter seriously . But I'm really shocked when I saw my card and the grades written in it . My average is 88.41 .
Then, I ranked 11th in the class . I'm just happy that I don't have below 85 this time . Yeeey !
& because of my grades i'm now studying harder and I will make my grades more & more higher!

Lastly, I just wanna greet my daddy a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY ! I'm wishing you good health & everything . Mwaaaa~ I'm going to regain weight again because of those foods served in our dining table ! ROFL . I'm gonna EAT . EAT & EAT ! xDD

That's all . Mwaaa~

Much ,

3:03:00 AM